Custom Remodels


  • Meet with LJM Home to review the design plan for feasibility and/or suggestions that may improve flow or conserve costs

  • Remove personal belongings from the work area

  • If appropriate, set up a mini kitchen in another part of the house

  • Demolition of area to be remodeled

  • Our LJM Team prepares for areas to be remodeled and begins work, such as: foundation, frames the walls, floors, and roof and installs windows (if applicable)

  • Plumbing is rouged in; electric, phone, and cable lines are run; and conduits for HVAC systems are installed (if applicable)

  • Insulation between studs and rafters is applied; drywall on walls and ceilings is installed then taped, mudded, sanded, and primed; and underlayment on floors is installed (if applicable)

  • House is roofed and sided (if applicable)

  • Our LJM Team finishes wall and ceiling surfaces; installs cabinets, counters, and window trim; and hooks up appliances and light fixtures (if applicable)

  • Flooring is installed, and plumbing and electrical systems are finalized (if applicable)

  • LJM Home completes a final inspection with client, checking off the items from your preliminary walk-through